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 Rum Runner Prohibition - The first in a series is now available. 

Rum Runner - Reunion * Coming Fall 2024

(All rights are controlled by the Authors. Available for exclusive licensing.) 




RUM RUNNER—PROHIBITION dives deep into 1920s Detroit’s world of elegant speakeasies and raucous jazz clubs, cast against the backdrop of mogul-creating industries.

As Jack battles the Purples, our emotionally impaired aviator’s world is turned upside down when his path crosses Ava Murphy, an orphaned Latina-Irish customs attorney. They begin a slow burn, bumpy romance, neither one sure about the other. As Jack confronts his past demons, will Ava become his nemesis or the love of his life?


“Rum Runner transports us to post-WWI America, a world we think we know from history and literature - but do we really? A rollicking adventure that speaks to eternal truths about the nature of men and women under extreme pressure while entertaining us from start to finish." - John Feeley, USMC Aviator, former U.S. Ambassador

“As a big fan of action novels and historical fiction, I enjoyed being immersed in a place and time I knew very little about.  Detroit, during prohibition, was humming with activity and makes a great backdrop for Rum Runner’s expansive cast of unique, diverse, and well-drawn characters.  Packed with multiple well-integrated plot lines and filled with nuggets of information about technology and contemporaneous society, it is classic storytelling.” - Terry Kelly, USMC Aviator, History Enthusiast

“It seems as though gun smoke rises from the text as muzzles flash between the pages. Rum Runner is Indiana Jones on steroids. Speed boats, airplanes, fast cars, cops, gangsters, tycoons, good guys, flappers, and hot ladies make for a steamy, fast-paced ‘can’t put it down’ page turner." - Jim Nunn, CDR USN (Ret.) NAVY Fighter Pilot and Test Pilot

"I read an advanced copy of Rum Runner; while I normally choose nonfiction, this book was a delightful surprise. I'm a woman & enjoyed the engaging romance story as well as the fast-paced action-adventure. After the first two chapters, I found myself all-in, looking forward to my daily book time, discovering "what was next" in the lives of each character.

Overall, a terrific read; it had elements of adventure, romance, and old-world thuggery, all mixed with a subtle elegance. Perfect & unique for my book club. Highly recommend!"

Celeste Luke - World traveler - Businesswoman

"Authors created an outstanding blend of history and fiction to create an enjoyable adventure. Character development was very good and the protagonist Captain Lyons reminds us of some of the best of human nature, while still keeping him very human. Loved the supporting cast and can’t wait for next chapter!!"

"This was a really fun page turner that I couldn't put down. I learned so much about the Prohibition and Detroit during that fascinating period of history. I am an avid historical fiction reader and this book seemed to nail the era with colorful characters, good guys and bad guys and strong women. Lots of action with many historically accurate details. As a woman, I appreciated the fact the authors made the female characters relatable and strong with their own struggles of being a woman in that era. I hope there will be another book soon as I want to continue to follow the adventures of Captain Lyons and his friends."

"Being a huge American history fan and also a boat builder , rum runner prohibtion hooked me immediately. I caught myself “fact checking” several times and to my amazement this fiction book was very accurate and fun reading. Looking forward to the authors promise of more to come!"

"After, the first several chapters, I was all in, looking forward to discovering ”what was next.” 1927 Detroit had a lot of players and schemes. The central characters’ battle to outflank Detroit’s gangsters as they smuggle in Canadian liquor and dodge an alluring Latina customs agent kept my nose in the book. And it was all to help their less fortunate brothers in arms. The multiple storylines featured well-developed and diverse, strong characters. The dialogue moves along at a brisk pace. Rum Runner- Prohibition takes you back to the Roaring Twenties where booze and money flowed freely. Overall, a terrific read; with adventure, romance and old-world thuggery, draped with a subtle elegance. This is your must read “vacation - summer beach book!”

Speed boat with in moonlight



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