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Peter J. Barnett was raised in the small town of Chico in Northern California. At a young age, he was fascinated by all kinds of aircraft and boats. After finishing his film and television degree at California State University at Northridge, he took a right turn to pursue his dream of becoming an aviator and joined the United States Marines, retiring as a Colonel. He flew around our beautiful country and Europe for ten years.


He returned to Hollywood as a production executive and produced several television shows for HBO, 
Apple TV, and ABC. Peter has always been passionate about storytelling, history, and travel, exploring over sixty countries and forty-nine states. He especially enjoys stories based on actual events. Filled with nuggets of historical facts, Rum Runner will entertain you at each turn of the page.

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Andrew B. Koski was born on the south coast of Puerto Rico, where his father, a former WWII pilot, flew

crop dusters and his mother taught school. Both parents held pilot’s licenses.


In addition to growing up

around aircraft, Andy has had a life-long fascination with all things marine and graduated from the US

Merchant Marine Academy with a US Navy commission and a marine license as a deck officer. During his career, he became an Unlimited Master Oceans and Harbor Pilot while traveling the globe. Eventually, Andrew came ashore and went into television production accounting. While working for various studios and networks, he became fascinated with how compelling characters and

stories unfold. He enjoys tales that weave in little-known historical tidbits and raise a thought-provoking

eyebrow or two.

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